It’s now even hotter…

We’re back from the bread session, and the temperature has risen to 31 degrees. There’s a light breeze, but it’s not really helping.

In the care home everyone was so hot, despite the application of medicinal ice cream, that they found it hard to raise the enthusiasm. I didn’t get an ice cream, despite my sterling efforts at bread plaiting and various other forced jollity. However, as you can see from the main photo, I have now gathered my hot weather survival kit (fan and ice cream) and am feeling much better.

Only one lady could raise the enthusiasm to comment on my plait.

“I don’t like plaited bread.”

That put me in my place.

Another lady had been a sausage-maker in the family butchery business and many others had baked in school, so we did do some good by bringing back old memories.

However, “From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success” as they say.

Next time we are going to make sure we have a cooler day (as if we have a choice!) and we will make pizza. If there’s one thing I can do well for an audience, it’s make pizza. And, when we have our (yet to be) famous afternoon tea sessions with Quercus we are going to invite them out to the farm. Some have been to a bread-making session here and enjoyed it, others prefer not to travel. They might travel for tea and cakes. I know I would.

I’d better get planning those afternoon tea sessions…



8 thoughts on “It’s now even hotter…

  1. Julia Davis-Coombs

    I like making a gooseberry granitas. Well, that’s what I call it. Gently stewed and sweetened gooseberries, put in a freezer box and stirred occasionally. Scrape out to serve in small portions, it makes a bright cold palate cleanser between courses. (Too sharp for a whole dessert on its own.)

  2. arlingwoman

    It’s hard to get over the national differences in ice cream flavors. Elderflower and gooseberry. Now that’s some ice cream. I’ve had elderflower water and soda and gooseberry jam, fool, tart and relish, but ice cream would be a new experience. Good luck staying cool. It’s a little warmer here, I think…


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