That monsoon feeling

It was raining when I woke up on Saturday morning, just as dawn was breaking. It carried on raining until it was nearly lunchtime, and when I say raining, it was proper rain. The gutters were full and life as a pedestrian was complicated by the amount of splashing from traffic.

It stopped about mid day but by that time I’d put the rest of the day on hold. I didn’t fancy driving to Peterborough and the chances of finding butterflies or poppies to photograph was minimal.

I went shopping instead and cooked  the normal vegetarian curry (sweet potato and chick pea) for eating later in the week. That’s another advantage of vegetarian food (apart from cost) – it stores easily and rarely poisons anyone. In the evening we had seafood spaghetti (because we could – Number One son hates it, but he is away). Seafood is about the opposite of vegetarian food – I’m always very careful cooking that after an encounter with a bad batch of cockles in the late 70s. Bad memories can linger a long time.

Sunday passed, as Sundays do, with dropping Julia off at work at 6.00 am and an assortment of housework, Pointless and good intentions. We had pork and mushroom casserole in the evening, with stir-fried kale and baked sweet potatoes.

That brings us round to Monday morning. I’ll cover the other events of the morning in another post – for now I’ll just describe the rain.

After a promising start we had lunch, and the rain literally started to hammer down. We were eating lunch at the time, and could see it bouncing six inches back after hitting the roof of the car. I did try to take a photo, but that sort of thing never shows up well. After ten minutes it tailed off, only to hit us again for another session about twenty minutes later.

As you can see from the main picture, it’s clearing now.

We’d been saying that we could do with some rain.

Ironically, the group is outside now, watering inside the polytunnels.

There must be  away of catching it and channelling it inside…



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  1. Helen

    Yes, I think there is a way of catching rainwater and channelling it inside a polytunnel. Afraid I can’t remember where I read about it but I’m sure you could find the information somewhere.


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