Ups and downs

Sorry, I just seemed to hit one of those patches when I just couldn’t get the blog done. A busy day followed by preparing for a school visit meant we were home for 9.30, heated up the vegetable curry I prepared on Sunday, watched Upstart Crow and went to bed. (Don’t worry, I’m not moving into the modern world and developing a conscience about killing animals, merely saving money.)

I was a bit disappointed in Upstart Crow. Though I may be wasting my life slumped in front of a TV, there are more interesting things to watch and I’m currently undecided whether I’ll watch it again.



The chocolate picture shows the picture of the chocolate I bought Julia at the weekend, working on the basis that chocolate is a well known universal medicine. I don’t really like dark chocolate but I took hit for my beloved. The Orange and Geranium was quite pleasant, with a taste like rosewater Turkish Delight. The one with Dragon Ginger was less successful. I was expecting something a bit on the fiery side, which I think is fair when you consider the image of the dragon. Don’t be fooled, it’s mild. Very mild. In fact you notice the texture rather than the flavour.

I was also disappointed on Tuesday morning when the teacher who visited on Saturday emailed Julia to say that they were going to cancel their booking. It seems that the school has decided it will be too dangerous for one of the kids in the class, who has a number of medical problems.

It’s a tricky ethical question, should a whole class miss out because one child has a problem? I wouldn’t like him to feel left out, but I also feel bad about the rest of the class missing a fun day out.

One thing I’m less equivocal about is the loss of a day’s wages.

However, we were visited by a group of teenagers with special needs later on Tuesday, and they were one of the best groups we’ve ever had, with great manners and good discipline. They threw themselves into all the activities (though the rain did stop a few plans) and after being disappointed by Ben Elton and the thought of lost money I found myself quite upbeat after a day with these kids.

(In fairness I also have to point out that the teachers were excellent too and if I had a Hall of Fame I’d put them in it).

The coloured tiles are salt dough. Apart from the picture of Julia’s demo area (it’s not the result of an explosion in a classroom in case you were concerned) it’s one of the few I got today – they were so keen to eat the pizza that it was all gone before I had a chance to take a picture.

Ah, salt dough!

That’s another story…

I managed to spend Tuesday night without adding the photos to the blog, so it’s now Wednesday morning. I’ve altered the post to reflect this and hope it still makes sense.

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  2. derrickjknight

    As a Social Work Area Manager I used to express a certain amount of displeasure when one person in disagreement with a group decision could block the whole process.

      1. derrickjknight

        I once sent the Director a memo which said: ‘This fell from the intake room ceiling this morning’. Attached was a piece of plaster. I had been asking for roof repairs to stop the leaks for a couple of years.

      2. derrickjknight

        She did. But was seen in North London a few years back. She ordered our Director to reprimand me for writing to her directly about the state of our building. It took him about 15 seconds

  3. The Snail of Happiness

    Mr Snail wanted to watch Upstart Crow, so I sat through it… I’m glad I was doing my knitting otherwise I would have felt I’d wasted half an hour! A few smiles but little else from it.
    I know the busy feeling – I hardly seem to be blogging at all at the moment… I’m blaming the garden!


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