Doctors and days off…

We had a day off yesterday. Well, we had a day at home writing a grant application, which I nearly the same thing. I was called into action for adding grammar and doing the VAT calculations (which is easy when you use a specialist calculator off the internet.) It becomes less easy when you put the figures in the wrong column but we will gloss over that.

I added a link for VAT so that those of you not familiar with it could experience the full tedium of an explanation. According to the link it is less complicated, ย and therefore less interesting, than GST

It wasn’t all fun and frolics and VAT of course, I had to make time to trim my beard and visit the doctor. I arrived ten minutes before my appointment and then waited until 35 minutes after the time before getting in. In the old days this would have caused me a degree of annoyance, but these days I take a book and looked on it as a gift of 45 minutes to read my book and calm down after the excitement of the VAT.

This paid off, as my blood pressure was judged to be acceptably low.

Doctors are simple creatures – reduce blood pressure, lose weight, take your tablets and they are happy. I occasionally take them in an interesting symptom to have a look at, as I think they appreciate it.

Going to check the bird feeders now and see what the Jackdaws have done…

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