In a queue to cue Kew

I’m not entirely sure what sort of day I have had. It started with a bacon baguette from Greggs (tasted great but did the diet n favours) and moved on to the previously described birdsong. After that is plunged, also as detailed in the last post. After that, with a migraine (fortunately not mine), unplanned visitors, post-it notes (don’t you just hate it when someone puts a snide post-it on something and leaves you to find it?), rain, wind and a variety of small but time consuming triviality, I just don’t know what happened to the day.

All I know was that after the first post it was lunchtime and then the taxi arrived.

We have managed to plant the new wildflower bed, which is now the subject of a diary under the Projects tab.

You might be able to get some idea of the wind from looking at the hair in the photos, after that it became even windier and we decided that it was time to see what happened when boiling water is poured on the dried leaves of camellia sinensis.


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