Butterfly Diary

First butterfly this year: Small White on Sunday 20th March – Bulwell Forest Golf Club. I was in the car on my way to TESCO.

First butterfly on the farm: Peacock and Brimstone – both spotted by Julia on Friday 1st April during a farm walk.

I saw a Peacock this morning too.

I’m very bad at recording things but I do know Peacocks are the first butterflies we normally see and that I took a picture of one on a crocus last year, indicating that it was a month earlier than this sighting, though last year was warmer and I’d actually seen a Small Tortoiseshell in Peterborough the day before the Peacock on the farm.

Sorry about the poor photo of the Brimstone – we don’t see them often and I don’t always have my camera with me when we do see them.

8 thoughts on “Butterfly Diary

  1. beeseeker

    D’you know what?
    I just had to nip back up to the allotment because I’d left my cameras up there after a mornings satisfying digging….
    … What happens with me is when I have my camera I see nothing to snap and when I don’t I see stacks.
    Good capture!


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