Cheap and cheerful orange soup

Strictly the soup isn’t cheerful and it isn’t orange soup. It’s orange-coloured soup. There is a big difference.

However, it is cheap.

I bought a bag of ready chopped vegetables, added a stock cube and water, threw in a couple of sliced leeks from the garden and seasoned with black pepper and dried thyme.

Total ingredient cost: less than £1 for 6 mugs of soup. To make the soup even cheaper I could have used a pan and a £5 stick blender.

Effort required: minimal – I just loaded the soup maker and went back 21 minutes later.

Taste: very good even though I say so myself. Everybody drank their mug.


Lessons for next time: buy the right vegetables – I should have selected the pack for soup (with leek or onion) rather than the pack for mash.

It was just what we wanted with the outside temperature close to freezing.


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