A puppy comes to visit…

We had a visitor this morning, looking considerably larger and less puppyish than she did a couple of weeks ago. After that it was all doomed to be an anti-climax.

The sick ewe died (we think it was twin lamb disease), despite us dosing her with the appropriate drench. The worst thing about twin lamb disease is that I always feel it is avoidable.

We had home-made Leek and Potato soup (with the leeks being home grown, as you could probably guess from the clumps of soil on the roots), but it was a bit glutinous. I remember seeing something about the problem before when I started making soup but can’t recall what the cause was. All I can find now is that the potatoes were over-worked (and you shouldn’t use a blender) or that I used the wrong (high starch) potatoes. Neither of these seem to be what I remember from the previous time, which I though was something to do with ratios.

I always use the cheapest potatoes in the shop, I always use a hand blender, and I don’t usually have a problem. Maybe it’s the way the soup-maker works. Does anyone have any ideas?

Blue tits are using the nest box by the centre entrance, but as my wife pointed out, they did that last year and the year before – they just like to torment us.

Things picked up a bit towards the end of the day when we cleaned the store cupboard (which we had been putting off for months) and one of the group baked chocolate chip cookies. A fresh warm biscuit for afternoon break was just what we needed.




8 thoughts on “A puppy comes to visit…

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It looks a bit shiny in the pot, and has a slightly more than liquid consistency – think of fruit juice with thickeners in (like Sunny Delight) or wallpaper paste. Taste wasn’t too bad though, but it wasn’t quite right.


  1. arlingwoman

    Re your soup, do you sauté the ingredients then add stock and cook? Or are you blending and then cooking? The latter could be the problem, but it isn’t clear from the description. I’ve never had it go glutinous on me (though I’ve hoped a couple times it would thicken up!). So sorry about your ewe. I hope the cookies were some comfort!

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Death is unfortunately part of farming, and it was a useful learning experience for the farm apprentice who was “in charge” whilst the farmer was away. The soup maker boils then blends.As clarepooley pointed out, it may be the ratio of potato and leek – I think that’s what caused it last time.

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  2. clarepooley33

    I have spoken to my husband (the soup maker) about your problem and he can’t think what could have caused the problem. He makes L and P soup with 2 leeks and 2 medium potatoes (any type) and often adds red lentils. I’m sorry the ewe died. Animal deaths always leave me feeling guilty and unhappy.

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