Bad news for Zebedee

They had a cooking demonstration on Saturday night. You don’t need access to the calendar or the detective instincts of Sherlock Holmes to work this out – just look at the evidence.

Kitchen chairs in the centre, centre chairs in the kitchen, all our mugs in the kitchen, box of empty bottles, random cooking equipment left around, rearranged table displays and, for some reason, an explosion of Union Jacks.

It would be nice if it was clean and tidy, which was how we left it last week. However, it isn’t, and I’m not going to waste my time either discussing it or, more to the point, tidying it.

The taxi is late, again.

The polytunnel is flapping as Storm Imogen picks up speed. We’re expecting stronger winds this afternoon. I still don’t see why we need to name storms – we’ve always got by perfectly well by calling it “weather” in the past. I wonder how long it will be before we can buy a range of T shirts and mugs with various storm-related slogans – ‘Keep Calm and Harry on’ or ‘Gertrude – probably the best storm in the world’ – as the Met Office seeks to cash in.

Incidentally, there are no storms beginning with Q, U, X, Y or Z, so if you are called Queenie, Ulysses, Xavier, Yvonne or Zebedee tough luck, you are being ignored.

The taxi is here now, the rain has arrived too.


I don’t like Mondays.

7 thoughts on “Bad news for Zebedee

  1. clarepooley33

    I don’t like Mondays either. I also agree with you about naming storms – all very silly. I find it intensely irritating when people don’t tidy up after themselves – lazy or arrogant? It has just gone midnight and it’s Tuesday. I can cheer up now!

    1. quercuscommunity

      Lazy AND arrogant! Though I am a master of irritability. If I used capitals that would sound like an ancient society of grumblers. Or a great band. The Masters of Irritability…

  2. thehappymeerkat

    It used to be hurricane’s that got names then one day a bright spark at the met office said ‘I know let’s confuse everybody by naming every bit of wind and rain that comes to the uk!’ Apparently people in the US are confused by us having these storm names.


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