Cute animals produce results

I just had notifications from the Thursday Bread Group telling me three people are coming, two of them because they want to see the puppy. It seems that wit, charm, erudition and the ability to cook a honey, oat and wholemeal loaf aren’t enough – you need a cute puppy. This was a lesson driven home by the spike in my activity stats on the blog yesterday (45 hourly views compared to my average of 0).

Before that it was the lambs.

So that’s it, the way to blogging success is to have pictures of cute animals. Forget all that work you put in to quality of writing, or free gifts or cunning headlines – just take pictures of cute animals.

Not that I’m bitter – I’ve  a farm full of sheep, goats and poultry so I’m well ahead of the game.

I’m going to go against the trend with some travel photos instead. Not mine, but some from the bread group tour of India. Looks like they ate well.

14 thoughts on “Cute animals produce results

  1. thehappymeerkat

    Yum…Perhaps I shouldn’t have looked at this post on an empty stomach, lol.

    I don’t just follow your blog because of the cute pictures although I have to admit they do draw me in. No, I love to read your words especially as I live the city life and reading about the rural life is very interesting to me.
    I agree with clarepooley33, I love the humour you put in your posts too.

  2. The Snail of Happiness

    I’m always surprised how popular poems are on my blog… even on the rare occasion I manage to write one myself. Sadly I only have elderly dogs to photograph (not the draw of a puppy) and fast-moving chickens. You don’t get a spike in your stats with a blurry hen!!

  3. clarepooley33

    I agree with Lola and Helen (though of course I did admire the cute puppy) – I enjoy reading your posts. You always have something interesting to say and you always say it with humour.

  4. Helen

    Delicious looking food (India).

    Funny how the blogging world works. I agree with Lola, though. I don’t need to read blogs to see pictures of cute animals 😉


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