You asked for cute…

Second post of the day and it’s only lunchtime!

First we did the measurements for the Woodland Trust, despite the low temperatures. Looks like they need a bit of pruning but short arms and long pockets seem to be in charge at the moment.



Then we took pictures of the new lambs. We have five now and, despite the dangers of stress we have moved them inside. It’s a trade off, but they’re soft lowland sheep and the snow could be a problem. So far they are all doing well.


14 thoughts on “You asked for cute…

    1. quercuscommunity

      They’ve just been measuring temperatures and wind speed in the middle of a field in the agroforestry project. It’s 4 degrees C and they are thinking about their sandwiches!

  1. thehappymeerkat

    Thank you! 🙂 They really are so sweet and cute! I’d just love to cuddle them, lol :). Those ewes have lovely wool. And I love the fact they are all quite colourful-what breed are they?. Sorry if I sound a bit naive but because I’ve always lived in towns and cities I just don’t see that much rural life and not used to seeing lots of different breeds of sheep, only ever really seen them on tv.

    1. quercuscommunity

      The really dark ones we have are Jacob’s, an ancient breed developed for 18th century gentlemen to run in their parks. They aren’t really commercial these days.

      The rest are a bit of a mix and the latest lambs – well, I don’t have a clue. A couple of them have the stripey face look of Badger-faced Welsh – yes that’s a real name. 😉

      1. Clem

        Don’t have a clue to lamb parentage?? Sounds like you have some randy rams. . . (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

      2. quercuscommunity

        This is a lot that the Farmer bought in auction – had had attention from a ram or rams that escaped and we know nothing about ancestry. Our own are quite mixed – currently the main flock is Charolais rams and Easycare ewes but with bits of various other breeds thrown in due to random buying. Not my area – I just photograph and report. ;-0

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