A tale of two taxis

It’s been a tale of two taxis today. My favourite driver, driving for my favourite company came back from Christmas holiday today and brought me some Albanian lemons. He claims they have a soft skin you can eat and a flavour that’s a cross between a lemon and an orange. I will allow Julia to try first just in case this is an elaborate Albanian practical joke.


Albanian Lemons

On the other hand, my unfavourite taxi company has just kept me waiting an hour and ten minutes because the taxi was late. One of our clients likes people to be punctual to the minute and the rest of them (several of whom have other things to do tonight) don’t reckon much to it either.

Me? Well I can’t wash the floor ready for tomorrow’s yoga until everyone has gone, so I’m not too happy either.

It all starts with social service trying to save money, so they take the firm that gives the cheapest quote instead of the one with the most reliable service.

Today, when they eventually arrived, we have had a lecture from the company. It seems it’s our fault because we should ring after they are 10 minutes late instead of waiting patiently for fifteen or twenty.

That, it seems, is what you get when you buy the cheapest service – you get bad customers like me.

Anyway, apart from that, we’ve had a good day. Everyone worked like a proper team, pruning blackcurrants and using the offcuts as cuttings, checking trees and moving the sheep to a field closer in because the accidentally pregnant ones (don’t ask) are close to lambing.

One of them managed to get through the fence within 10 minutes – leading the pursuing staff through three gardens, over a brick wall and through a hedge.

Then the farm apprentice fell through a hole in the barn floor and cut his hand. The hole was, unfortunately,covered with pig manure, but luckily I have air freshener stored next to the First Aid kit.

So there you go, a day of mixed fortunes on the farm, though it has given me a good laugh.

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