New Year, new start

It’s our first day back, and I’m trying to be more organised this year.

I’ve started by deleting a couple of hundred emails from the office system and looked through the photo files. It’s going to take me days to work through the emails and I’m not even sure where to start on the photos.

The moral of that story is to do things as they crop up and not leave it for years with the excuse of getting round to it when I have spare time. There is no spare time.

The second job of the day, apart from talking about Christmas, was to start a big “To Do” list. It has 14 garden-related items on it. There could have been more, but as we don’t know what the situation is with the garden after last year’s changes I’m trying to keep a tight focus on things.

main points for Wednesday – plant garlic, force rhubarb and do some cutting back and dead-heading. If you don’t see a report of this on Wednesday please send a comment asking me why not. I’m much lazier than a man should be so I need some peer pressure to get me going!

Second part of the list will focus on admin tasks.

Third will focus on  paperwork system. I’m going to have two folders – “Important” and “Do not lose”. It’s a simple system but it covers the basics.

Meanwhile we have been collecting eggs, playing Indoor Balloon Volleyball (or Indoor Outrageous Cheating if you look at the way the opposing team play), eating chocolate, eating something called “Gingerbread Popcorn”, composting and, as I pull the old backache excuse and stay inside, the rest of them are outside planting willow.

Everyone said the popcorn tasted really Christmassy. It didn’t. It tasted like caramel popcorn laced with antiseptic. As part of my new 2016 persona I just ate some and kept quiet. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up. Positive, cheery and pleasant is not my natural habitat.

Here’s a selection of photographs. Note that although I have no time to sort things out I always have time to browse. If there was a competition for procrastination I reckon I could do quite well,  Though if we did have a competition for procrastination it’s likely none of the participants would actually turn up.



4 thoughts on “New Year, new start

  1. jolynnpowers

    Wow I have to say that I like ginger bread but I have never tried the Popcorn… and I laughed out loud at the whole ” pleasant is not my natural habitat” statement… I married a man who resembles that statement… I also have gardening to do and only hope that next week I can prune a 40 year old grape vine back into shape while the temps are cool and not down right cold… so far our winter has been mild and I am hoping for one more week of good weather.

    1. quercuscommunity

      It was made worse by the fact that I’m waiting to go in and have a loose crown glued back in – have to be very careful about chewing after I swallowed one a few years ago! Don’t want to be stick with the job of recovering it at the far end of the digestive process…


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