Ups and downs

Another monthly recording session for the agroforestry scheme and more eggs collected from the poultry. There’s a grinding monotony about our daily tasks at the moment, probably brought about by short days and rainy weather, rather than by any actual increase in tedium.

A goat and a lamb both died over the weekend, which is always a depressing event. Added to the other goat that died last week it could be the start of a worrying pattern. We will have to see.

On the plus side – after numerous complaints to the taxi company they were on time at both ends of the day, which always makes things easier,  We were also visited by someone who used to work here and she brought cake! We knew she was coming, which was nice, and we bought shortbread in anticipation, which was also good. However, the addition of chocolate fudge cake really lit up my morning. I’m easily pleased. As usual I managed to eat it before remembering to take a photo, which is why I’m not a food blogger. However, I did take a picture of the biscuit tin.

I’ve also managed a book review, which I’ve been intending for some time.

If you want to try some exquisite cake (there were other varieties but I’m trying to hide the exact quantity from Julia) try visiting the The Clock House cafe and tearoom. I’m going to make a trip in the next few weeks so will report back for those of you unable to make it.


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