Old age and treachery

After a morning spent doing the heavy lifting for Julia, who is in “clean up for Christmas” mode, I continued my “day off” (as we married men call it) with a spot of lunch at The Big Fish before taking her shopping. She’s at work now, earning the money that allows us to continue with the Quercus project, so I suppose I should be counting my blessings rather than complaining.

I will keep telling myself how lucky I am when I drag myself away from the evening episode of Pointless to pick her up from work, and again tomorrow when we get up early so I can deliver her to her birthday treat and leave her to be pampered for the day. I would provide you with a link but I won’t, as I can’t run the risk of a possible kidnapping – without her I might have to get a proper job.

Have to go now – need to get the vegetables in the oven. I’m still basking in the smug glow of two pointless answers – Bismark and Lofoten.  It’s amazing what the brain retains. If only I could work out a way of making money from knowing useless facts I’d be a happy man. And richer.

Time to go now, having just witnessed an outrageous bluff by two older gents on their way to the Pointless final. It made me laugh, it put the youngsters out, and it gave me the title for today’s post.

11 thoughts on “Old age and treachery

    1. quercuscommunity

      Thank you. I had a look round when I dropped her off and there were no suspicious characters lurking round so all should be OK. Well, there was one odd-looking character but it was my sister so nothing to worry about. 😉


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