Signs, gin and Christmas puddings

It’s been days since the past post – sorry about that. I’ve been locked in a cycle of work and sleep that doesn’t seem to have left time for anything else. Well, to be accurate I suppose work, sleep and staring at the TV in a trance-like state. I can’t tell you what I’ve been watching but I’ve failed to see the end of a lot of it.

After one day, where we had a group in, meetings and ran a craft session we eventually left the farm at 10.30 one night, only to be stopped by a neighbour who wanted to know what we were doing.

“Going home.” I said.

It wasn’t the politest of answers but after 13 hours at work I’m not the politest of people. Actually, I’m considered “direct” at the best of times. In my world “direct” is good and saves time but other people don’t seem to see it that way. .

So, to sum up, since we’ve last blogged we’ve had 50 kids in for a day on the farm, the Quercus group, a project meeting, a craft session, Men in Sheds, done enough paperwork to choke a hippo, made sloe gin and had a day off to do personal stuff including sorting the Great Car Purchase Debacle.

Going back to the old hamster analogy, I feel like a hamster in a wheel that’s been put in a cider press – not only going in endless circles but being pressurised at the same time.

I’m going to put some effort into relaxation over the weekend and hope that normal service will be restored next week.



Sloe Gin


Felting – ready for Christmas

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