Writing is easy, it’s the titles I struggle with…

Dropped Number One son off in town for the second day of his Master’s degree then proceeded to have breakfast at Sainsburys, followed by shopping for crickets at the Garden Centre. It was a varied morning.

Arrived at the farm for 11.00, checked the polytunnels and managed to get photographs of a Speckled Wood. It really didn’t want to settle but I eventually managed a few decent shots. Meeting with a woman about an arts project that we’re trying to get going, meeting to teach me how to work the website and lunch. For once the meetings were quite useful.


Damson jam with camoflaged tops

Julia went of to view the tent we’re working in at the Ploughing Match whilst I did various things of little consequence before making a dozen jars of damson jam. I did it with the stones in after last year’s debacle and am hoping I fished them all out. It’s saved a lot of time though I’m just dreading the first complaint about a broken tooth. Sensitive subject at the moment as I pulled a crown off whilst chewing gum last week.

Rained later, which isn’t good for the show.


I’ve always found rain difficult to photograph

That’s it, short post today.

4 thoughts on “Writing is easy, it’s the titles I struggle with…

  1. lola gayle

    I struggle with titles as well. That’s why they always look so disjointed and weird. And do you ever find that writing sarcasm is more difficult than speaking it. I drip with sarcasm when you speak to me in person (sometimes more than I should perhaps), but somehow that doesn’t translate to my fingers.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I am trying to keep sarcasm to a minimum these days because, even in conversation, I can be a bit too sharp. Part of it comes from not having a great internal censor. t, I think, comes from being a grumpy old man. The final part comes from living in a world full of over-sensitive idiots.

      I rest my case. 😉


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