Men in Sheds – our first meeting!

We had the first meeting of the Screveton Shed this morning and have agreed to go ahead with the project. We also had a go with the kid’s stuff from Project Molish and had sausage and mash for lunch. Obviously we did other things too, but those are the main points.

We covered finance, mental health, the ethos of sheds, Health and Safety, possible projects, First Aid, apple pressing, cider making and many other topics. We also agreed to admit all men regardless of age, on account of the fact that passing down knowledge would be tricky without young people to pass it down to.


Chilling out


Making towers from spaghetti and marshmallows

Someone with experience in another shed told us that they’d had two people taken off in ambulances in the last three years so we could also do with some youngsters to carry stretchers.

For the moment we are ignoring the subject of women. I know it’s not politically correct but I don’t feel guilty about this because the Women’s Institute refused me membership on the grounds of me being a man. What goes around comes around.

The other point is that it’s supposed to be a forum for men to talk about their health. Now, speaking as a man, it isn’t going to happen. I believe I talk for most men when I say this. Men in Sheds is supposed to make us open up about health and save our lives but speaking personally, it isn’t my habit to discuss ongoing medical problems with anyone. I don’t even discuss most of them with my doctor.


Candidate for Health and Safety rep


A discussion with apple juice in hand

Last time I discussed anything serious with my doctor I ended up with a prostate exam and camera in my bladder, and that camera was not inserted along a route that a sane man would consider, I promise you. Is it any wonder we don’t talk about health?

Anyway, when you deduct speakers and miscellaneous visitors it looks like there could be about nine people to start the shed, probably a few more after we’ve employed subtle pressure. That’s a good number, and something to work with. We now consider nine the lower end for the bread group but it’s taken a few years to build up to that. I can still remember when we thought nine was a good turnout.


And finally, lunch…

If you want to come along drop me a line at and I’ll let you know when the next meeting is.

There’s no free meal next time, but as the poet said: “The days of sausage and potatoes, they are not long”.

(Apologies to Ernest Dowson)

17 thoughts on “Men in Sheds – our first meeting!

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  3. derrickjknight

    The one male member of our daughter-in-law Tess’s ‘Stitch and Bitch’ evenings, in her village shop, used to darn his socks using an orange as a mushroom, until Jackie provided him with the real thing.

  4. Clem

    A younger brother just had a similar bladder inspection. His description of the ordeal was more, how shall I say… longwinded. His description of it was rather painful for me – so I can’t imagine how, well, uncomfortable(?) it is for a recipient.

    For the most part the more senior members of our gender on this side of the pond will likewise have little to say in regard to issues of personal health. We have some exceptions, but good manners suggest we consider those who do ‘over share’ their health situations are likely not much longer for the world and we might in good grace allow them this. As I’m planning to hang on until struck by lightning I try to keep a tight lip.

    1. quercuscommunity

      That’s a new word for me – “overshare”. I wish I’d known it earlier in life because it sums up the situation perfectly. Good luck with your exit strategy, 😉 Hope your brother is OK.

  5. Aggie

    I didn’t pay close attention, but (LOL) haven’t you discussed your health problems on this blog?
    Bill Mollison says in the Permaculture Designer’s Manual that 7 is the maximum size group to be able to make decisions. However, your group may not shoulder such a heavy burden.
    Good thing we’re separated by an ocean. I might want to come and be excluded by gender. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      I may have discussed the arthritis, possibly mentioned the camera (which left a lasting impression!), and maybe even voiced the opinion that evolution could surely have managed a small trapdoor for prostate examination in place of the current arrangements, but I promise I have been suitably reticent about the rest. 😉

      Decision making and avoiding wives are just two of the challenges we face further down the line.

      1. Aggie

        What if those wives turn out to be glad to have you out of their hair for awhile? Heehee, just sayin’ I’ve heard wives talk before

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