Birds, butterflies and botheration

News for today is that the pied wagtails, which have been acting strangely for the last few days, are still at it and seem to have youngsters with them. On Saturday I saw two of them appearing to face off, flying upwards in a tight spiral together and they have been a bit more obvious in their daily habits than they usually are. Normally there will be a couple about at the road junction at the top of the lane, wagging and feeding. There are about a dozen of them now, some having the look of young birds, and they are feeding on the stubble and perching on fences.

It may be that a small flock has moved in and annexed the existing territory, or they may just be having visitors and showing off. It’s difficult to tell.

We saw a buzzard perched by the A46 again today, so it looks like they are back from child-rearing. Apart from that, nothing much to report.

We’ve left the curtain to the polytunnel open and tried to chase all the butterflies and moths out (3 Red Admirals, two Silver Y, a mint moth, a brownish-grey moth (not the official name!) and a brown butterfly that hid under the decking). It’s not that we don’t like them, just that we think they’d do better outside.


Julia and the group are out measuring trees at the moment, while I am trapped inside doing bookwork and looking for a lost reciept. That is a trifle annoying as I know I left it here and somebody has moved it in messing about on the desk before we arrived. I can tell that because of other things being moved. I’m like Sherlock Holmes when noticing things like that. Unfortunately, unlike Holmes, I have no acces to drugs or firearms and am having to look under the desk to try and find the missing paper.

Better do it now.

Be back later because I’ve been studying how to make my titles snappier.

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