Grey day, with a speck of gold

It’s been overcast most of the day. When it hasn’t been overcast it’s been raining. As a result there’s been a distinct lack of butterflies, though some of the other pollinators have been doing their best. The bumble bees and hover flies have been out in force despite the lack of sun. This bee, for instance, has not only been working hard but demonstrates why bumble bees make better pollinators. I’ve just edited the post to make the photo bigger – hopefully the pollen grains are now visible – there’s a lot of pollen on that bee!


Bumble bee and pollen

The only butterfly/moth type of thing II saw were two refugees in the toilets. I suspect they had found their way in last night and had nothing better to do. One is an indistinct grey-brown that I’m still in the process of identifying, the other is pictured here.


Ruby Tiger Moth

It seems that the name Ruby Tiger Moth is more applicable to southern specimens, as they are much redder in the south, getting duller in colour  as you get further north.

There seems to be some sort of moral there, which probably depends on which end of the country you live at. The moral I draw is  that you can find wildlife in the strangest places, and that I should wash the toilet floor more often.

There’s more information under the Resources tab on the Butterflies and Moths page.

Now I just need to ID the other one!

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