Washing up and watching time pass by…

Sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to disappear from view. By the time we’d cleared up after the last visit, washed dough off what seemed like every surface, done a favour for the farmer’s mum (which took longer than I thought – as these things do) and got ready for the Saturday morning cafe it was past 8 pm and so I went home, ate and fell asleep.

Note how, under the farm’s “broom and orifice” management policy, we have ended up with a steadily increasing work load.

On Saturday I did a few errands with Julia before dropping her off at work and checked in at the cafe to see that all was going well. It wasn’t. Someone had come in early and asked for seven breakfasts in one lot and we had been asked, without advance notice, to provide 30 burger and/or sausage cobs for an event in the village.

So instead of a quick look in, a cup of tea and some washing up I ended up tealess, washing up for over three hours and having to take all my stuff home out of the freezers. Yes, the farmer’s wife got involved and if there’s one thing she loves it’s reorganising things. And what’s not to love about it? You can order people round and you don’t need to improve things, just move them.


Friday – happy school displaying “nature bling”. Look at the angle of the tree and the hair!

End of rant, but after three hours of that I didn’t bother doing the rest of the work I had planned, including blog and Twitter, I just went home.

Actually, I went to the book shop first, and left a message on my wife’s phone to tell her to meet me there after work.

“Bad day?” she asked as soon as she saw me. She knows me so well. Some men head for church ih time of trouble, some to their mothers. Me, I go straight to the nearest book shop or antique centre.

I now have a very good book on butterflies, a cheap book on wild flowers and a bag of recreational reading. With the judicious use of buy one get one half price , my Waterstone’s Card (plastic) and my Waterstone’s card (card) I managed to save about £17. I’m not sure how that stacks up against Amazon, but you can look before you buy, carry them away with you, don’t pay P&P and know that Waterstones pay their tax in the UK

Yes, I didn’t spend £53, I saved £17. That’s the way I roll…


4 thoughts on “Washing up and watching time pass by…

  1. beatingthebounds

    When I first moved to Manchester (in the early Cretaceous period or thereabouts), and first ventured into a Gregg’s bakery, my request for a cob was met with complete incomprehension. A bit off gesticulating later and: ‘I think you mean a barmcake love.’ I knew then that I was far from home: up to that point I had only ever been addressed by strangers in shops as ‘me duck’.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I still remember the first time I saw the description “cob shop”. Twenty seven years later I’ve puzzled sandwich vendors across the nation with requests for cobs! 😉


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