After the Lord Mayor’s Show…

It’s an old English expression for those of you who aren’t familiar with the title, and it comes from the days of horse-drawn transport. It means that after the pomp and ceremony of the Lord Mayor’s Show a detachment of men with shovels had to follow up and clear the road. Looking on the bright side – organic matter is now very fashionable.

I can only speculate of what our scarecrows are thinking as they are now doing duty on the allotment (mainly keeping jackdaws away from the pig food) after their time at one of our premier garden shows – Hampton Court.


If you look through this selection of photos you may actually see the giant Time Traveller at Hampton Court, before he returned to sit on our shipping container.

Such is life, whether for man or scarecrow.

On a more practical note – I’ve just been promised some pond plants for our new pond project and no more birds have flown into things.

Must go now – wife is in a rush to get home. Nothing to do with spending time with me – she’s actually going out to make handicrafts with one of the neighbours and Number One son id cooking for when we get home.

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