Greetings from Procrastination Central

We have a half day off! Yipee!

I say “off” but Julia is out watering flower baskets and preparing for this afternoon’s visit and I am wrestling with the dinosaur that has been foisted on me as an office email system. Not a proper dinosaur (because that would result in a tremendous spike of schools wanting to visit) just an old clunky system. It’s probably unfair on dinosaurs to use their name like that, but life isn’t fair.

If life was fair I’d have a sleek modern email system that wasn’t currently frozen…

On a more positive note, this allows me time to blog without feeling like I’m skiving. Though it doesn’t alter the reality that I am, in fact, skiving. I’m also going through my Inbox and catching up on a few emails. The oldest goes back to April, though in my defence I must say it’s an invoice I sent that was “lost” by the recipient, who has a slow payment system at the best of times.That’s why I only started to chase it two weeks ago.

So, catch up on emails, catch up on paperwork, write two new pages for the “website”, design Farmer Ted marketing campaign and get ready for the visit this afternoon.

Oooops, they just arrived.


Farmer Ted picking fruit

6 thoughts on “Greetings from Procrastination Central

    1. quercuscommunity

      He’s been with the project since the beginning but only recently decided that he wanted greater exposure. You will probably be seeing more of him and his family.

  1. awigmore

    Talking about dinosaurs, I was in a charity shop yesterday (my favourite shops, those), and saw some interesting specimens: a ‘Bestfriendatops’ piggy bank, and a ‘Katieraptor’, who/which is, apparently, “generous and adaptable with the prettiest claws in the land!”
    Those were, should you be interested, both piggy banks. You can also get a “Bestfriendatops’ or a ‘Speciallittlegirlosaurus’ though that one is a magic face towel (ever used one of those? I wonder what magic they do? Make your face clean, maybe?) but unfortunately they did not have those in that shop.
    No comment ….


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