The Goat Escape (apologies to Steve McQueen…)

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of our goats on Twitter (@QuercusCommy if you’ll pardon me plugging it) with the words “Our goats exist in only two states – escaping or planning to escape. These are planning.”


Last night they appear to have disabled the electric fence (we’re not quite sure how but I have a vision of one lying down while the others walked across it like a bridge) and decided to browse the trees. They aren’t very ambitious, I’d have been halfway to Skegness by now but they just chewed a few leaves and waited for us to round them up.

We used to have one that was even more annoying than an escaper. She used to wedge her head through the wire (we didn’t have electric fencing for the goats at that point) and then bleat piteously.

Several times a day we’d have people come down to the office with the words “One of your goats has got its head stuck in the fence.” Then she wouldn’t do it for a few days, you’d relax and then there would be another knock on the door…


10 thoughts on “The Goat Escape (apologies to Steve McQueen…)

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      1. beatingthebounds

        There are three goats; standing on something which could be misconstrued as a hump-back bridge; I thought I was doing pretty well. Anyway, I don’t think you should be burdening your blog with gender stereotypes….I would have thought that a she-goat (?) would come up with any number of creative ways to deal with a hungry troll. Probably offer it wild salads for a start…..

      2. beatingthebounds

        I don’t have any experience, but I gather that goats can be quite trying. Nice cheese though. Incidentally, I like the meat free days idea. I was veggie for nearly 20 years, but I’m not anymore (long tedious story). We have a veggie guest coming to stay for 2 weeks soon, haven’t yet got my head around how we will cater for her and at the same time keep our vegetable hating youngest from starvation.

      3. beatingthebounds

        Since goats will eat almost anything they are diametrically opposed to our youngest. You may have a point.

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