Breakfast at Scriffany’s

OK, it’s not quite breakfast at the better known Tiffany’s but I’ve just been asked if I can take a booking for one of our Saturday morning cafe sessions. It threw me slightly because I had the office phone put through to my mobile to prevent the yoga class being disturbed. I never know whether it’s a call for me or the centre for the first few seconds, and the words “Can I book breakfast for fourteen?” left me sitting there with my mouth open.

So there it is – full English breakfast for fourteen. Birthday party (do you think candles in the sausages will be going over the top? Or sparklers?). I’ll be seating them under the awning, reserving the tables and picking a few wild flowers for the middle of the table. I’ll also assist in the kitchen because with just one four ring hob and no bain marie breakfast for fourteen is going to be a tad on the hectic side. I may press one of my chafing dishes into service, Maybe both of them, though I’m going to have to buy more tins of fuel.

I’m also going to have to remember that after use they have a remarkable amount of soot under them. The black hand prints on the car upholstery took some getting off last time.

This is when your jack of all trades status is called into question. Can the man who does the gardens and the blog, the marketing and the teaching sessions on baking and beetles, manage a simple breakfast for fourteen? I didn’t do too well when I had to do breakfast for nine a few months ago, though there were extenuating circumstances.

On the other hand I can do a sit-down three course meal for 40, so why not give it a go? I’m only going to be assisting after all so if it goes wrong I can blame the cook. That’s another of my many skills – management. Or passing the buck as it is also known.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Scriffany’s

  1. dropscone

    I think breakfast with candles sounds like a fun idea! For the birthday person anyway, might be a bit too much hassle for all of them.


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