Worms, wrens and Kenyans

Yesterday didn’t seem like a particularly eventful sort of a day until I pressed the “Publish” button. We waved off the 22 six-year-olds. We had an argument about me sighing as they went. (Julia thinks they are delightful at that age: I believe they are a minor manifestation of the chattering imps of Hell). They never stop twittering, they think they are here just to fill the pockets of their friends with gravel (which I then have to sweep out of the building) and people try to make me feel guilty if I attempt to impose discipline. Despite this I do believe that my two orderly queues for the microscope and wormery worked better than the method where they all pile in and the front ones refuse to move. And then (for I must remove myself from this digression) we started on paperwork.

This involved emails, pieces of tatty A4 paper (my contribution), forms, labels and excuses (yes, that would be me again).

Julia, despairing of me ever being useful, went to work in the garden, at which point five newly fledged wrens flew out of one of the less used compost bins. She called me and I went for a look. They were great little things and squeaked a lot instead of giving the normal scolding calls you get from wrens. They flitted about from rhubarb to blackcurrant to hedge and  to fence post. I have a good selection of blurred photos of greenery and some really good studies of fence posts, but apart from a couple of brown blurs I don’t have a picture of a wren. So I suppose not all young squeaky things are bad.

Next we had a visit from Mojatu, picking up some stuff from the weekend. It’s impossible not to feel happy with them around. Even the most serious of them laughs more in an hour than I do in a week.

Finally, just as we were leaving we were called over to rescue a remarkably stupid chicken that has hatched a chick in the pig pens. It’s black so we’re pretty sure who the father is.


It’s all go.

So, after capturing an escaped sheep and several other jobs, I am finally posting this at 11.00 am on the day after the events occurred. There will be more tonight. I’m beginning to feel like the Laws of Time do not exist for me.

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