Day off – shouldn’t have bothered

Had  a day off today – should have known better. Sorry to everyone on Twitter – you may have read that already.

Arrived around 5pm to find that the polytunnels hadn’t been opened all day. Most things were actually OK, though my rhubarb plants, now around 2-3 inches high, hadn’t liked the heat.

After that I found myself in demand for a number of jobs and when I finally finished watering (the job I came in to do) I noticed the pigs weren’t happy. They had knocked the trough over again to make themselves a wallow. Then they decided that they wanted  a drink. They are considered to be an intelligent animal, as well as a source of the world’s most perfect food – bacon sandwiches.

There is a lot more to say about intelligent animals and bacon sandwiches – please don’t think I’m treating the subject lightly, I’m just pushed for time.



Also managed to get two new beds rotavated. It cost me a few quid but I just ran out of time to do it myself. And I’m lazy. Plus I’ve learned it’s better to pay someone and get the job done rather than look at a plot full of weeds and good intentions.




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