Cat picture and Progress (which is a good thing in this case!)

Let’s face it, everyone loves a cat picture, and this is a particulalrly sleek looking example of the species. Possibly even self-satisfied, but having discovered a soft patch of soil (otherwise known as “a seedbed” in the polytunnel) it has just enjoyed a relaxing, almost luxurious, bowel movement, so why wouldn’t it be happy.

I’m thinking of a word at the moment, but I think I might upset people if I used it. Let’s just say that although I’m normally a cat lover, I’m making an exception in this case.

I’m still thinking of that word though. It’s nearly bursting out…

Meanwhile, courtesy of two day’s hard work from our Community Payback Team, the new wheelchair access paths are looking a lot better than they were at the beginning of the week, so that’s good. We managed to get a wheelchair user stuck a fortnight ago so this is a piece of work we’re keen on.





Hopefully all will be in place in a few weeks.

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