Is it only two days?

Just  look at the beans – they’re a bit different from the picture I took a couple of days ago. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve had good beans at this time of year. It’s not always a guarantee of having good beans later in the season. Last year’s crop, for instance, had to be replaced after cold winds saw the original plants off.


Pride definitely goeth before a fall, as I often misquote.

There’s something about crops that brings out the fool in many of us. I always used to plant too early anmd suffer huge losses. I’m better now but It’s hard. Same went for my customers when I used to be an agricultural salesman. There were always a few who had to be the first to gather the harvest in. You could always tell them by their smug expression and the sound of the grain drier working overtime. I’m not sure what the profit margin is with grain, but I can’t see the cost of drying improving it.

And here’s the tea plantation – or nine sticks in pots. It’s early days yet. If you fancy any I can recommend hot-plants on ebay. They came from Cornwall, were £8.95 each, arrived quickly, and were well-packed.



8 thoughts on “Is it only two days?

  1. beatingthebounds

    I’m a bit surprised that we have the climate for tea. Or are you growing them in a poly-tunnel?

    1. quercuscommunity

      According to James Wong they are frost hardy down to -15 C once they are about three feet high (3 or 4 years). I believe the Cornish plantation is open, though the Scottish one seems to be under cover.

      1. beatingthebounds

        We have his “Homegrown Revolution” which last summer had me scheming to grow Jerusalem Artichokes and several other things, Juneberry I think and maybe one of the tender bamboos and…something gingery, oh and a tasty variety of hosta since we have an abundance of shade. I contemplated all of those things, but all I actually got around to was growing some lemon grass on a windowsill (it quite quickly outgrew the windowsill). I’m a bit too busy (read lazy) really.

      2. quercuscommunity

        A friend of mine grows Jerusalem artichokes – says they are very productive but do, as reputed, cause a great deal of intestinal inflation.

        I bought two of the cocktail kiwi vines – had no fruit in year one, a dozen in year two and am hoping for hundreds this year.
        There’s a lot of hope in the way I garden.

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