The calm before the storm

It’s not been a bad day. The spring weather continues, though it’s a bit crisp at the start of the day. The birds are singing, the chickens are laying and things are growing.Somebody paid me £40 they owed me and I had an email from an organisation telling me that they owed us £60 from last September. We were even spared the weekly staff meeting when it was cancelled with 23 minutes notice.

I did draft an email saying Julia and I had gone ahead with the meeting and voted to stop wasting time by holding meetings but I decided it wasn’t worth sending. Not everyone shares my sense of humour.

On top of that we have just had the result of the latest Environmental Health inspection and have been awarded five stars again. It takes a bit of doing when you are running a kitchen by committee but we managed it.


We have made major inroads into preparing beds and planting seeds, though there is still a lot more to do. That however, is not the calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm refers to the fact that at 1pm tomorrow people will be arriving to get ready for the High Sheriff’s visit. It’s going to be a nightmare of women cleaning and tidying, like a wedding but worse. At least with a wedding you know there will be cake but this is a meeting about health and wellbeing: the liklihood of cake is, to be frank, small.

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