Screveton Kitchen Nightmares

I’d love to get Gordon Ramsay down here to sort things out.

Why, you may ask, would I want to unleash a psycho-chef on the poor unsuspecting users of our kitchen. Well, not all, just the one, to be honest.

We’ve always had this view on the farm that more is better. Sometimes it’s about involving so many people in a simple process so that it becomes unmanageable. Other times it’s about wallpapering the centre with multiple posters – the official line is that the more you put up the more people read them. Don’t know what anyone else thinks of this – I tend to think that too many posters cause poster blindness.

Any comments anyone? Am I right (as I think I am) or am I just being a grumpy old man (as my wife assures me)?

Not sure where this bolshie streak has come from. I remember thinking John Ball had a lot going for him and next thing I know whenever people talk of community allotments (as we are doing at the moment) I have started to think of Winstanley.

Let me know what you think – I’m off to check out Billy Bragg on You Tube.

2 thoughts on “Screveton Kitchen Nightmares

  1. David Pearce

    As Mr Bragg would say it seems your caught Between the Wars or may be back to basics is needed , and i always thought more or less that less was more ? maybe be not with the new way of thinking.


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