Sleepless in Screveton

I’m in the grip of a really nasty cold.  Having spent two sleepless nights coughing fit to bring my lungs up  I’m sleepless in Screveton, cold, shivering, sneezing and generally ready to drop. Quite clearly I’m descending the pit into man flu, a fearful disease that women refuse to believe in.

Despite this I’ve taken part in two meetings, eaten several small cakes with Easter Eggs on top and built a cardboard sheep.

Time for bed now.

Hopefully I will be better tomorrow, or at least suffering from something my wife believes in.

2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Screveton

  1. lola gayle

    My man is the same way. He currently sounds like a barrel full of snot with two legs fighting with a rhino on a hot day. Feel better soon! And god bless the wife for putting up with you. Man flu is a serious thing. She’ll pay you back someday with the menopause 😉


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