Cyclists, sheriffs and various other visitors

We had an unexpected group of toddlers arrive on Monday, which was a surprise. Farmer Rose had fixed that up for us on Sunday and forgotten to tell us. He is, after all, wrapped up in lambing.

That went OK, as they just wanted to see the lambs, and was followed on Tuesday by a group of cyclists from the University of the Third Age from nearby Bingham. Somebody had told them the cafe was now open all week. That’s not quite accurate, but I did open up for them because I’m a cheerful sort and because I will do all sorts of things for money. (One of those statements, by the way, is untrue. I will leave you to guess which.)


We then had the Health and Wellbeing Ambassador for the High Sheriff of Nottingham come to visit. Or Sue, as we used to call her before her elevation to Ambassador status. It seems that she is not allowed to claim her house is sovereign territory or evade parking fines so, quite frankly, I’m not sure if she’s a proper Ambassador.


Then, as I was loafing near the bird table with my camera, the first farm butterfly of the year settled on some crocuses near my feet. It looks a bit rough round the edges but it’s always good to see the first butterfly of the year, and let’s face it, I’m not fresh out of the box either.



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