Into every life a little rain must fall

I’ve fed the birds, who seem to be developing quite an appetite, tried to mend a broken lock and sold a jar of honey. Apart from that I’ve just answered emails, tinkered with my outbox and taken a selection of poor photographs of birds. They weren’t meant to be bad but I seem, without intending to, to have cornered the market in second quality snapshots of birds. I have blurred chaffinches, goldfinches facing the wrong way, dunnocks that blend with the background and over-exposed blue tits.

The good news is that the goldfinches are really taking to the nyger seed. That’s a film from someone else, so far our highest number has been four.

After failing to find suitable chilli seeds in the garden centre (six seeds in a packet!) I found a packet in TESCO. They have a magazine stuck to them so I have something to read as well.

Having spent the morning enjoying myself I’m now going to do an internet course on Food Allergies.

Oh the things I’ve done to put it off. I’ve even looked up the correct Longfellow quotation for the title and decided not to be pedantic. Or accurate.

Ah well…no more delays…



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