Another Monday morning

Had an email last night telling me there was a meeting on the farm at 9.30.

Arrived to find that the meeting had been changed to 4.30.

Just one more reason that Mondays should be banned. And another nail in the coffin of regular Monday meetings.

Personally I don’t need to sit round a table to “communicate”. I can use email, phones, text or shouting if I want to exchange information. I know shouting has fallen out of fashion as a management technique in recent years but it’s hard to beat if you want to make a point. Eventually I suppose it will go the way of hanging and flogging…

The only reason I can see for meetings is if you are getting together to arrange to actually do something. This is a rare thing.

Meetings are useful if you want to catch someone off guard and assassinate them but this is even rarer than meetings that make things happen. It pretty much went out of fashion with the Borgias. I’ve not seen any mention of arsenic in recent management texts, though I have read a book on the management style of Attila the Hun.


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